logo Joma Urban

Botika Vieja, Bilbao

Bilbao currently has two major cycling routes along the estuary and the City Council has decided to incorporate the JomaBike stations in order to provide them with a comprehensive maintenance service for users, including tire inflation, bicycle repair and cleaning.
In addition, it was decided to customize the finish with Bilbao's bright red color and the city's logo. It is a pilot test to check the behavior of urban users and pedestrians. If the citizen response is satisfactory, the municipal intention is to continue incorporating similar services throughout the city.
JomaBike is the most robust and versatile system on the market and can even adapt user cards as a control system. The Bilbao City Council took into account the environment, taking the remains of the washing to sewage for treatment.
RAL: 3002.
Status: completed.
Client: Bilbao City Council.
Contractor: Mobility Department.
Photographs: Joxemari Gallastegi.