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Araba etorbidea, Arrasate

The humanization project of Araba Etorbidea in Arrasate contemplates the redevelopment of the most relevant access of the town to endow it with a more avant-garde and sustainable image, while making it more livable grace to its trees and gardens. In Joma Urban we are happy to have participated in the design of rest areas in the plaza and along the avenue, which feature our Joma Hegoa line as well as our Mondragon bus shelters, made of stainless steel and providing an elegant and safe space for public transport passengers.
It is another example of our philosophy that advocates comfortable, safe and harmonious streets for traffic and pedestrians.
RAL: Forging gray.
Status: completed.
Client: Arrasate City Council.
Architect: Asmatu.
Contractor: Construcciones Moyua.
Photographs: Maio.