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Design furniture from Joma is designed for use in challenging and harsh environments. We offer above 200 standard colours at no extra cost. All steel components are Joma Marine™ treated and come with a lifetime warranty against rust. All screws and fastenings are supplied in stainless- or acid-resistant steel.
Do you have a question concerning your warranty or do you wish to use your product warranty? Please contact Joma on +34 945 31 87 70 or jon@joma.es.
All claims must be documented with order number/project name and pictures of the complete product, as well as detailed pictures of faults/damage.
Anti-corrosion guarantee
Joma makes unique design furniture that is built to last. We are true to our 75 years of history and our products are sturdily engineered, designed with a lifetime quality and can remain outdoors for a very long time with a minimum level of maintenance, prepared to withstand even the most extreme conditions. All steel components are Joma Marine™ treated and come with a lifetime warranty against rust. This process was developed to ensure a high-quality finish that complies with the strict requirements of Corrosion Class C5-M (EN ISO 12944), which enables our products to remain outdoors for several decades even in coastal environments with maximum levels of salinity and humidity. All screws and fastenings are supplied in stainless steel.
Thus, providing our products are used normally and not subjected to extreme strain, Joma offers a 1000 hour salt-lab test equivalent warranty against harmful rust. It should be noted that minor pigment spots and/or discolouration are not unusual after many years exposure to rain and wind.
Paint adhesion guarantee
Joma offers an adhesion guarantee on powder coated surfaces that have not been subjected to mechanical damage, impact, corrosive chemicals, etc.
Spare parts available throughout the life cycle
As time goes by, vandalism is bound to occur or there will be a requirement for extended maintenance. Joma can supply all spare parts throughout the lifespan of a product.
Joma has been around for almost 70 years and continues to produce exclusively in Vitoria. We are quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001. Furthermore, our membership of the Global Impact Initiative (UN) obliges us to ensure that we encourage our suppliers to operate under proper working and environmental conditions, and it also enhances our support of human rights, development and the environment.