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Zorrozaurre, Bilbao

The Zorrozaurre project is the last major urban regeneration operation launched in Bilbao. It represents a comprehensive and sustainable plan, which recovers a currently degraded space to turn it into a new neighborhood in Bilbao, well connected to the rest of the city, endowed with accessible housing, non-polluting business areas, numerous social and cultural facilities, as well as wide areas of citizen enjoyment.
The large extension of the urbanization was an ideal opportunity to insert large benches. In order to give it a unique finish and from G&C architects, it was decided to install a customized variant of our Bloke bench, in a deep black color finish. As always, and due to the demanding location, we use high quality architectural concrete HA40 B12 IIIa Qb SR, resistant to aggressive environments, waterproofed and with surface protection against stains and anti-fungus according to EN 13198. We offer a lifetime guarantee. The SR compound, being less porous, becomes more resistant to moisture and mold.
RAL: deep black.
Status: completed.
Client: Bilbao City Council
Architect: G&C
Photographs: Joma