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Termibus, Bilbao

The massive concrete benches delivered to Termibus in Bilbao were specifically designed by the architect who authored the project, Iñaki Aurrekoetxea. These are customized concrete benches in the shape of a parallelepiped, mounting our Senddo seats.
The scope of the project has been remarkable. The challenging dimensions of the banks have forced us to coordinate special transports to be able to execute it.
The installation of our Senddo benches are part of the comprehensive renovation of this space, where an extensive plaza has been generated thanks to the undergrounding of the previous bus station. A complete remodeling of the area where a hotel, shops and other services have also been built, will completely change the appearance of the Basurto neighborhood, one of the entrances to Bilbao that is undergoing a profound renovation.
This awarding represents a great boost to the project to internationalize Joma Urban and place it as one of the most vigorous and ambitious companies in the sector.
RAL: Forging gray.
Status: completed.
Client: Bilbao City Council.
Architect: I+A.
Contractor: Amenabar.
Photographs: Maio.