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Campa Ibaizabal, Bilbao

Campa Ibaizabal is located in the Barrio de La Peña in Bilbao. It is a riverside neighborhood of the Nervión river and the City Council is working to provide the area with a large riverside park with innovative services such as sports, children's games, areas for the elderly, etc.
Within this performance and next to a sports area there is a living area where both children and adults mix. It is right there where the corporation has decided to incorporate the Arrïa furniture line due to its versatility and endurance.
On this occasion, a classic forging gray color was chosen to adapt the tone to the canopies in the area. We offer more than 200 classic RAL standard colors at no additional cost.
RAL: Forging Gray.
Status: completed.
Client: Bilbao City Council.
Architect: Injelan.
Contractor: Urbaser.
Photographs: Joxemari Gallastegi.