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Joma Urban is a designer and manufacturer of urban furniture that responds to the emerging needs of modern life with a mix of social design, sustainable materials and industrial production. Since 1942, we have contributed to creating social spaces for millions of people.
With your help, we want to change the world. We have incorporated 8 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into our business philosophy, with the vision of making long-term sustainability a requirement for all of our operations.
Manufactured for generations
An industry for the future
Make rural attractive again
Design in out DNA
Manufactured for generations
Joma makes unique design furniture that is built to last. We are true to our 75 years of history and our products are sturdily engineered, designed with a lifetime quality and can remain outdoors for a very long time with a minimum level of maintenance, prepared to withstand even the most extreme conditions.
We are aware that other manufacturers offer furniture at a lower initial cost than us. But in the long term, taking into account the useful life of the product, we believe that we are unbeatable.
We believe that durability is synonymous with sustainability. This is the reason why at Joma we don't like "use and throw away" solutions. The characteristic humid climate of the Basque Country has inspired us to develop products that are capable of withstanding the harshest outdoor conditions. We manufacture products that will last a long time, which can be repaired if they break, and we offer spare parts with no time limit.
Industry for the future.
We want to demonstrate that it is possible to operate a company profitably and sustainably in a rural environment. We are strong advocates that it is possible to build a business based on longevity and sustainability.
Sustainable materials
We collaborate with the best suppliers of raw materials to meet the highest quality and sustainability criteria.
Design furniture from Joma is designed for use in challenging and harsh environments. All steel components are Joma Marine™ treated and come with a lifetime warranty against rust. This process was developed to ensure a high-quality finish that complies with the strict requirements of Corrosion Class C5-M (EN ISO 12944), which enables our products to remain outdoors for several decades. All screws and fastenings are supplied in stainless steel.
The JomaColor finish is of a very high quality and must meet corrosion class C5-M (EN 12944) requirements, which is the highest anti-rust standard. Joma offers more than 200 classic RAL colors at no additional cost.
Basque manufacturing
Our social commitment is clear. All our furniture is exclusively manufactured in our state-of-the-art Legutiano facilities. It is a sign of our deep commitment to our environment. We are members of the United Nations Global Compact (UN) with the aim of ensuring and promoting that we operate in adequate labor and environmental conditions.
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Make rural attractive again
We strive to make the rural environment play a relevant role in the global landscape. We believe that SMEs are the perfect basis to generate sustainable ecosystems, not only with respect to environmental sustainability but also to long-term social viability.
Delocalization of manufacturing by western companies has eroded our ability to raise living standards and create working opportunities, curtailing the potential to make a living in rural areas and therefore prompting a massive migration to the cities. As a result, Spain is facing today the scenario of demographic deserts threatening throughout the countryside. Urban centers are in contrast overcrowded. The resulting social imbalance is an objective crisis.
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Art, architecture and people
Joma has always believed that good design is everyone’s right. We work with our generation’s best designers to deliver high-quality products that would be available to a wide audience at a reasonable cost, far from luxury standards. This founding principle continues to motivate us today.
Cities grow and our way of life changes. For us, this means that design must encompass much more than pure aesthetics. We work with our generation’s best designers for our products to be not only attractive, but to also fulfill a practical function and cause the least possible impact on the environment.
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